Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown, has opened up about the challenges he has been facing since choosing to live like a woman.

Taking to his Instagram page, James revealed that becoming a woman has not been easy for him because he sometimes feels different from how he used to feel.

 James Brown laments

The 24-year-old influencer also cited a humorous example of how he used to stand to urinate as a man, but now has to bend down to pee.

He posted new photos of himself and wrote,

“Becoming a woman 👩 has been uneasy journey for me, sometimes I feel some way from the way I use to. Like I don’t stand and pie again i now bend down BUT WHY ?🤔”

See below,

His post has sparked funny reactions on social media, with some questioning when he transitioned into a woman.

Read some comments below,

@_peaceful_baddie wrote, “Be deceiving urself with ur long leg like mop stick Senior man”

@ire_yimika wrote, “Wait till you start seeing your period nau😂😂”

@benbills007 wrote, “Probably typing this nonsense after kancking one babe like that”

@chy_nasa2 wrote, “Nna who made you a woman Biko nu?”

@hott_galz wrote, “Bending down to pee makes you a woman? Lol 😂😂😂 you obviously have zero idea who a woman is and that’s because you are NOT one”



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