The outgoing Port Manager of Lagos Port Complex, Mrs Olufunmilayo Olotu, has urged port operators to embrace professionalism.

Olotu said her professionalism helped her achieve the successes she recorded during her reign as LPC manager.

According to her, she was able to improve trade facilitation and surmounted other challenges that hindered effective business activities.

During her valedictory programme in Apapa last week, she said being professional helped her win the fight against corruption.

She said upon assumption of office four years ago, the challenges on the ground were quite enormous but she was able to overcome them.

“The challenges were also surmounted by promoting personal values of integrity, hard work, firmness, fairness, friendliness, transparency, accountability, and equity. I was able to improve trade facilitation in a safe, secure, and customer-friendly environment, zero-tolerance for corruption, debt recovery, increased revenue generation, and collection, recognition of star performance of workers irrespective of cadre among others.”

Meanwhile, she commended the contribution of the heads of departments and the entire workforce of LPC, members of trade unions, terminal operators, the shipping community, among others.

Olotu urged stakeholders to extend the same high level of collaboration and even more to her successors, Mr Charles Bamidele Okaga.

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