A former General Manager, Consumer Products at Motorola Inc, Chris Ordway, as well as a former Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria Limited, Ibukun Awosika, on Tuesday led the line as top business experts shared insights for business growth at this year’s Global Leadership Summit for Business.

The summit, themed “Leading Effectively I’m Uncertainty”, and held in Lagos, was headlined by a host of accomplished experts and thought leaders from around the world.

The event aimed to equip business leaders with the critical skills necessary for thriving despite the uncertainties that pervade the 21st-century marketplace.

According to the Convener of the leadership project, Godman Akinlabi, the winds of change sweeping across the nation and the world at large, beckons the need for effective leadership for businesses aspiring to excel.

In her keynote address, Awosika urged businesses to learn how to adapt to the dynamic and constantly changing business environment.

According to her, many businesses fall short due to insufficient information on how to engage the relevant apparatuses of government.

Awosika said, “What are the many waivers that are available to people in manufacturing who are dealing in different products? All the Nigerians do not know it. All the Indians in Nigeria know it, and there are waivers for certain categories and certain industries.

“These are benefits that should help you cushion some of these challenges. But what I find generally is that we, the sons of the soil, because we are not exposed to information, we can’t take advantage of some of these opportunities.”

On his part, Founder of the Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi, highlighted the need for businesses to keep pace with the evolution of technology, which continues to move at a sprinter’s pace.

He noted that in light of the current realities in the business environment, organisations need to digitalise their processes in order to optimise and save cost, improve customer experience and enhance productivity.

Adeyemi said, “People are saving office space now because they realise they can do everything they want to do from their laptops, or even from their phones. Managing the change process is the essence of leadership. Communicate your vision for change. Sell the benefits of this digital transformation.”

Also speaking, Chris Ordway, highlighted the importance of integrity in business. He also noted that successful organisations must learn to balance business with empathy for the human elements that surround the business while also having a firm grasp of their purpose.

Founder and CEO of Employee Fanatix, Heather Younger, charged businesses to develop a culture of listening and make sure that customers and employees are heard.

 The Managing Director of RainOil, Gabriel Ogbechie spoke on positioning your business for economic growth in a changing world.

He advised businesses to analyse business strategy to understand the macro forces shaping the industry.

He also cautioned businesses to prepare for disruptions that are currently upending existing trends in various industries. This, he said, would ensure adaptation and evolution to embrace the  most effective business strategies of the day

Ogbechie said it was also important for businesses to deal with debt by reappraising borrowing and capital requirement strategies.



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