An actor and skit maker, Abayomi Alvin, is of the opinion that entertainers should not seek validation from awards.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he said, “Any form of validation should be got from oneself. The joy of an actor is to see oneself on the screen. Validations could also come from one’s fans. One’s fans believe in one and what one does. Without fans, one cannot be a star. As far as awards are concerned, it is good to be recognised. But, if one is not recognised, one should not feel bad about it.”

Though many got to know him as an actor before they started seeing him in skits, Alvin stated that he actually started his career as a content creator. He said, “The funny thing is that I actually started out as a content creator, but I used to do it just for fun. But now, I make money from it. When Nigerians see one in a certain light, and the person ventures into something else, people usually don’t want to care. I had such experience. But now, people repost my content. The experience has been good.”

Addressing the perception some people have about his content being sensual, the entertainer said, “Not all my contents are sensual. Once in a while, one needs to give the audience what they want. Whether one likes it or not, people love to see such things. It is just that many people are hypocritical. There are some of my contents that don’t have to do with sex.”

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