The author of ‘My friend has autism,’ Mrs Sholape Azazi, has called on the Nigerian government to include the plight of physically challenged children when making policies.

Speaking at the book presentation, Azazi said that she wrote the book to create awareness and advocacy about autism in children.

“To the policymakers, it’s important to know that when you make policies, involve our children and make policies that are accommodating of our children’s needs because it’s when you do those parents will be very relaxed enough to acknowledge that indeed the government has put them into consideration.”

She added that although it was a picture book for children, it had a lot of information that could assist everyone to understand how to relate appropriately with children with autism.

Azazi said, “The book aims to teach and help others under children with autism. A lot of times we teach our children on the spectrum how to be friendly, but we fail to teach the general public how to be friends with our children, so this book is basically to help other children and the general public understand them.”

“It’s a picture book to educate the general public about what autism is, how to accept our children on the spectrum, and basic understanding and friendship.”

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