Atlantic Hall School, Poka-Epe, Lagos, has donated some furniture and educational materials to a government-owned school, Pobuna Secondary School, Epe.

The gesture was sponsored by the The Atlantic Hall Community Service Club.

Speaking while handing over some of the gifts to the school on Wednesday, including, 40 newly constructed wooden desks and benches, and 40 packs of writing materials (books, pens, maths sets and others), Club Coordinator, Mr Abdulfattah Adejumo, emphasised that Nigerian youth should be actively engaged with world-class educational facilities and manpower.

He said, “The government both at the state and federal levels should give education a substantive priority. No nation develops above its education, both public and private.”

He also advised schools with the wherewithal to assist other struggling schools around them with educational resources.

“We rise by lifting others. Schools with substantive resources should extend their arms to those in need. In the long run, we all exist in the same globe.”

Vice Principal, Student Affairs, and Admissions, Ngozi Emezue, revealed that the school worked in conjunction with

Ezer Charity Foundation for Women, headed by Mr Chukwuma Nnemeka.

She said, “Pobuno School is one of our adopted public secondary schools that we work closely with. We’ve done some work there in the past by helping with the library and some other projects that the students have done in the past. Going to Pobuno wasn’t something we accidentally stumbled on, it’s something we thought through because it’s one of our adopted public secondary schools. ”

Principal,  Pobuna Senior Secondary School, Epe, Aboderin Abisoye, said, “As a Principal of the school when I saw the furniture given to us from Atlantic Community Service Club, I was very glad and excited. This gesture also gladdens the hearts of our staff, students, parents and old students that heard about it. This is highly appreciated because our major need presently is furniture.”



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