The Chairman, Apapa Residents Association, Brigadier General Sola Ayo-Vaughan (rtd), said the collapse of the Ijoba Bridge, which served as a vital link between Apapa and Ajeromi, has caused residents to experience shock and distress.

In a statement, he said the unfortunate incident had resulted in an unprecedented commuting hardship for the affected individuals.

He said, “In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the close-knit community of Apapa and Ajeromi was left reeling when a vital Ijoba bridge connecting their town to the outside world collapsed, plunging the residents into a nightmarish commuting ordeal.

“Residents, now grappling with the devastating consequences, recount their harrowing experiences and call for urgent action to rebuild their lifeline after it was revealed that the collapse was a result of the reprehensible actions of vandals.

“On May 16, the bridge connecting Lagos Island and Iddo to Ijora and Apapa succumbed to its demise. According to initial investigations, the collapse was attributed to the malicious activities of vandals, who compromised the bridge’s structural integrity.

“The Federal Ministry of Works swiftly dispatched their contractor to assess the damage and initiate repairs, but the duration of the road closure remains uncertain.”

He added that, “Residents of Apapa and Ajeromi find themselves ensnared in an arduous and time-consuming commute as they strive to return home. The closure of the vital bridge has redirected traffic through the already congested Costain route, which is perpetually crowded with fuel tankers and trailers en route to the fuel depots and Apapa port.”

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