Almond Productions Limited has said it plans to recognise contributions that have helped to boost the industry’s development through its upcoming Almond Insurance Industry Awards & Consumers’ Nite programme.

The annual event scheduled to hold in November would bring top entertainers and insurance elites together in Lagos.

During a press briefing in Lagos, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Almond Productions Limited, Faith Ughwode, said, “The Almond Insurance Industry Awards and Consumers’ Nite which started in 2018 is aimed at rewarding the ‘Can do Spirit’ of the men and women in the various arms of the industry, who strive daily to sell insurance either to individuals or corporate entities in Nigeria despite the myriad of challenges and obstacles they face year on year.

“Yet they still forge ahead to underwrite huge businesses by way of gross premium income.”

According to her, for the first time since the awards were instituted by Almond Productions Limited, every arm of the industry would be covered in 12 award categories.

She said the awards panel of judges comprised of respected professionals, chosen for their outstanding accomplishments and experiences within and outside the country.

Their presence guaranteed the integrity and transparency of the awards, she said.

The Chairman of the Panel of Judges, Ms Prisca Soares, said, “I believe strongly that the Nigerian insurance industry can be opened up through pop-culture and technology popularly known as insurtech.

“Nigeria’s current demographic data shows that Generation Z makes up 40 per cent to 50 per cent of our population with disabled income.

“To attract this block of people to the insurance industry either as employees or consumers of insurance products and services, requires intentional social platforms that resonate with them.”

The organisation noted that the conventional approach of using conferences and seminars to promote insurance conversations had its limitations, primarily reaching a specific audience such as policymakers.

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