The Chief Clinical Oncologist, Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority, and Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, Cancer Centre, Prof. Francis Durosinmi-Etti, has said Artificial Intelligence is now being used in the treatment of cancer.

Speaking with our correspondent in an interview, Durosinmi-Etti narrated that the planning procedure for a cancer patient which usually took two hours now takes just five minutes.

He added that NSIA-LUTH was the only hospital/centre where AI for cancer treatment was used.

“What is more important to me, and to us in Nigeria and indeed other parts of the world, has to do with the development of what you call AI. The beauty of it is that it’s now in use in the cancer field as well, particularly in our own field of radiation oncology. And I’m happy to say we at the NSIA-Cancer Center have introduced that. I told you we are short of doctors, and specialists. But when they want to plan patients, a very good oncologist will spend at least two hours or more when treating organs at risk during cancer treatment.

“With AI, you can do that in five minutes. Not only that, it does more than the doctors can do. AI also guides you on how to use the machines. After all the treatment, AI does what we call treatment plan evaluation to help you evaluate what you’ve done. And after all the treatment is all over, it can give you a report. It gives you a dose volume histogram – a graphical analysis of the treatment. Those who don’t use AI now complain of burnout.

“With the AI, you can do things more clearly and accurately and I am happy we have started doing that too in Nigeria.”

He revealed that the software that NSIA-LUTH made use of was the Radformation package.

“There’s one we call EZFluence, it does a whole breast transplant. It does all the whole plan for you. It’s good for the doctor and better for the patients,” he said.



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