A microfinance bank, Advans Nigeria said it has achieved success in empowering businesses and individuals across Nigeria in the pursuit of financial inclusion,

A statement said in a recent survey conducted by 60 Decibels, an independent global research agency, Advans Nigeria exceeded global benchmarks in key performance areas, solidifying its position as a pioneer in driving regional financial inclusion.

On the business front, it added, 48 per cent of Advans Nigeria’s clients reported a substantial increase in income, surpassing the benchmark of 22 per cent.

Additionally, it said, 31 per cent of clients noted a significant expansion of their workforce, outperforming the benchmark of eight per cent.

An astounding 76 per cent of respondents found loan repayments to be effortlessly manageable, surpassing the benchmark of 65 per cent.

The statement read in part, “The survey also revealed the remarkable resilience and progress achieved by Advans Nigeria’s clients. Over half of the respondents (51 per cent) reported significant improvements in financial management, surpassing the benchmark of 22 per cent.

“This positive trend showcases the transformative impact of Advans Nigeria’s financial education and support initiatives. Additionally, 44 per cent experienced substantial growth in their savings, exceeding the benchmark of 14 per cent, while 45 per cent noted improved readiness to handle emergency expenses, surpassing the benchmark of 19 per cent.”

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Advans Nigeria, Gaëtan Debuchy, expressed pride in the organisation’s impact and its commitment to financial inclusion.

He stated, “Advans Nigeria remains dedicated to empowering businesses and individuals in Nigeria. We invite MSMEs to experience the power of opportunity by partnering with us today.”

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