MMA analyst Chael Sonnen has made a bold claim, asserting that Israel Adesanya has surpassed his fellow UFC champion, Jon Jones, to become the best UFC fighter in history.

Both Adesanya and Jones have established illustrious legacies as successful world champions in the UFC, overcoming significant challenges along their respective journeys. While many still regard Jones as the greatest of all time, Adesanya has been tirelessly striving to reach that pinnacle.

Over time, the two fighters have developed a rivalry of sorts, but recent events suggest that any issues between them has been put to rest.

During a recent interview, Chael Sonnen expressed his thoughts on how Adesanya and Jones measure up against each other in terms of greatness.

“Jon Jones and Izzy, they’ve got this weird thing going back and forth,” Sonnen said.

“They’re not going to fight. They’re separated not by one weight class, they’re (separated) by two weight classes. They both want to claim that they’re the best, and they’re both gaining a lot of supporters who believe in their claims. Ultimately, history will be the judge. The popular opinion of the people will settle this debate for good.”

Sonnen firmly backs Adesanya as the fighter who has risen above the rest. Referring to Adesanya’s recent performance at UFC 290, Sonnen highlighted the attention and hype that the Nigerian-born fighter can command. Adesanya’s ability to draw significant financial gains and command the spotlight has been likened to that of Conor McGregor, an iconic figure in the sport.

Sonnen argues that Adesanya has left Jones in the dust, asserting that the latter has never played the same game as Adesanya. According to Sonnen, this could prove to be a mistake for Jones in the long run. Looking ahead, Sonnen envisions a future where Adesanya’s name will be synonymous with greatness, even surpassing the legacy of Jones.

“Izzy’s beating him. Ten years from now, when you’re looking back and trying to tell the story, you’re not going to be saying Jon Jones. You’re going to be saying Adesanya.”

As the debate over the greatest UFC fighter of all time rages on, one thing remains certain, Israel Adesanya has carved out an extraordinary path in the octagon, amassing a fervent following and accolades that continue to solidify his position among the sport’s elite.

Only time will reveal how the pages of history will be written, but for Chael Sonnen, the answer is already clear, Adesanya stands at the pinnacle of UFC greatness.



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