Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has revealed that a stranger sent her the sum of N1 million simply because she resembles his late wife.

She took to her Instagram page to make this claim on Monday, February 11, while sharing a screenshot of the N1 million credit alert.

According to her, the man reached out to her, saying he had been observing her page for two weeks and couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between her and his deceased wife.

Actress Sarah Martins claims

The thespian expressed her sympathies for his loss, and to her surprise, he requested her account details and sent her N1 million.

Sharing a snapshot of the credit alert, she wrote,

“Him: I’ve been on your page since the past two weeks going through your beautiful pictures.

You look so much like my late wife.

Me: sorry sir 😫

Him: kindly send me your account details I want to buy u lunch.

And that’s how I got alert of 1m for looking like his late wife🥺”

See below,

In other news, Sarah Martins has contested Solomon Buchi’s claim that the divorce rate is lowest among virgins.

Recall that Solomon Buchi asserted that statistics support the idea that individuals who maintain low-key, monogamous relationships and remain virgins are happier in their marriages and are, consequently, less likely to seek divorce.

However, Sarah Martins provided anecdotal evidence to counter Solomon Buchi’s claims.

She said that she was a virgin when she was married at 19, but she was clear that this did not save her from having to make the difficult decision to leave her spouse when her health was in danger.

Even in cases where she was a devoted, submissive, and hardworking woman, Sarah Martins believes that remaining a virgin does not guarantee a long-lasting marriage. Read here



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