Popular Nollywood actor Stan Nze has sparked mixed reactions on the internet after he shared a video of his pregnant wife, Blessing Obasi, snoring loudly in bed.

Recall that the couple publicly announced they are expecting their first child as they celebrated their second wedding anniversary on Monday, September 11.

Well, Stan took to his Instagram on Thursday to expose his wife’s snoring habit since she became pregnant, and it has caused a stir online.

Actor Stan Nze shares

He posted a video of Blessing snoring while sleeping and jokingly complained about what he has been going through during their pregnancy journey.

In response to his comment, Blessing told him to leave her alone because she is carrying ‘children,’ raising speculations that she might be pregnant with twins.

However, Stan didn’t give up; he continued to tease her, suggesting that their children might become accustomed to her snoring sound.

The 34-year-old actor captioned the video,

“Nzerians, ya Lolo has put me through a lot this period. I just say make I report am 😁.”

Watch the video below,

Last year, fans of popular Nollywood actor, Stan Nze, and his wife, Blessing Obasi, went above and beyond to make their first wedding anniversary special.

Recall that the celebrity couple marked their first anniversary on Sunday, September 11, with beautiful pictures shared on their social media pages.

To celebrate the couple, some thoughtful fans put a surprise package together and ‘accosted’ the couple while they were heading to church for Sunday service.

A video capturing the beautiful moment they were surprised and presented with the lovely gifts was shared online by the actress.

They were presented with a food platter, cake, money tower, picture frame, and other gifts. Blessing posted the video and thanked the fans wholeheartedly for going all out for them. Watch here

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