Access Pensions has said it will provide  personalised financial planning to ensure its customers transition to a comfortable retirement.

The Managing Director, Access Pensions, Dave Uduanu, said the financial future of its customers was a priority, and with its in-house expertise, its customers could get additional services.

He spoke at an ‘Evening with Access Pensions’ event, an interactive session with some of its high-net-worth individual clients in Abuja.

Uduanu said, “Many individuals enter retirement without proper preparation. It is crucial to start planning for retirement as early as possible, ideally beginning to consider post-retirement plans around the age of 40.

“Neglecting to assess your cash flow, lifestyle, and expected post-retirement expenses can lead to challenges in sustaining yourself during retirement.

“When discussing retirement and pension, it is essential to address three critical concerns before retiring, housing, children’s education, and healthcare. While healthcare falls outside the purview of our industry, it remains a crucial aspect to consider in retirement planning.”

Uduanu added that the personalised financial service was to ensure that retirement funds served its intended purpose, as pension, and was not depleted by rent, school fees, or healthcare expenses.

He also added that housing needs could be addressed through the workers’ RSA mortgage equity support, while comprehensive financial planning tackled education concerns.

During the event, other partners of Access Pensions were able to showcase complimentary services that could boost the financial well-being of the clients.

As part of the Access Corporation ecosystem, clients could access a diverse range of services. Partnership with other institutions such as Coronation Insurance and Coronation Trustees extends beyond pensions, encompassing their overall financial well-being.

Access Pensions also offered its customers, wealth advisory and financial planning as part of its value-added services.

On his part, the Regional Head of Corporate Team, Access Pensions, Uchenna Edeh, identified three distinct stages of retirement, each with its own characteristics. The initial stage was characterised by ample resources, followed by a stage where resources began to deplete, leaving the retiree reliant on retirement funds.

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