The Abraham Lincoln American Academy will begin the 2023/2024 academic session on September 11th for pupils ranging from ages one to ten.

Situated on Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria lsland, Lagos, the upper-class school, which offers an American Curriculum is run by an American board, who have employed the hands of seasoned American Educational consultants and Nigerian Educators of repute to ensure its success in the Nigerian contest.

The school’s sister arm which opened its doors to Nigerian pupils years back in the Federal Capital Territory,  Abuja,  Nigeria, decided to spread the wonderful teaching and learning experience across the globe and chose Lagos.

In a press release signed by the Principal of the school, Casey Kean, an American, and Harvard-trained educationist, said the newly established school was set to offer various subjects that would aid the learning development of its pupils.

“We embraced the ‘US Curriculum’ because it is spectacular.

“It is an inclusive teaching and learning style where all groups of learners: the visual, hands-on, and interactive, find it all fun and easy to learn, retain and recall knowledge. It is super exciting and trains students to become erudite Scholars, discoverers, and inventors.”

On the selling points, Kean noted that the environment where it is located makes it a safe haven for kids.

“The schools (both in Abuja and Lagos) are located in high-end, safe, and serene areas like Maitama, Abuja, and Victoria Island, Lagos. Teachers and staff are qualified, well trained, and exposed to substantial orientation, which enables them to perform their sensitive roles of building the total child, one student at a time. We utilise an accredited US curriculum. Our facilities are up-to-date and state-of-the-art.”

“Our desire is to bring our exciting curriculum to every home with School age children at a very affordable price. We are constantly working on keeping our prices low.

“Our present students are a testimony to prospective students on how exciting our academics and school community is.

Speaking further, Kean also said the school placed priority on security.

“We work with some security companies and the Nigerian police to complement our own internal security apparatus. We have the United State Embassy in Abuja come in for  inspection, security advice, and direction.”

“We would be happy to welcome Lagos pupils to  ALAA this September because we believe in catching them young. Our desire is to nurture the leaders of tomorrow through all-round education that will make them grounded in their future endeavors,” he stated.

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