Popular clergyman, Jimmy Odukoya has addressed the belief held by some women that wives shouldn’t be there for their husbands in marriage.

During a recent sermon session at his church, he made the comment to his congregation as he highlighted the duties of a wife.

According to Jimmy Odukoya, many women,  just want to be brides—not wives—in their marriages. He cited the Bible as proof that a woman’s role is to provide for her husband, not to be a dependant.

Jimmy Odukoya said:

“The woman was created to be a helper and not a dependent, and you cannot help anybody if you are not equipped yourself. If he is bringing the table, you should bring the chair. If he is bringing the seed, you are telling him where to plant it in the soil. A lot of women want to be brides but do not want to be wives.”

See some reactions to the sermon below.

Kenny commented; “Reason why some men are finding it difficult to marry because marriage this days is becoming like a man adopting an adult lady to take care of her 🤷🏽”

Ebere wrote; “The respect that comes with having your own money is unbeatable, you will be able to live life on your own terms!!! Being independent is sexy”

King Ragner commented; “Any woman who doesn’t work but strictly stays home and take good care of the kids and home is never a liability.”

Watch the video below.



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