The Director of Strategy and Transformation, 9mobile, Karn Gulati, has stated that the telecommunication firm will venture into the 5G market.

He stated that 5G is a game changer for the application of Internet of Things. He disclosed this during an event tagged, ‘IoT West Africa Conference and Exhibition’ in Lagos.

Speaking during a panel discussion titled, ‘Tapping on the 5G Technology and Infrastructure nerves in West Africa – Future of Telecom,’ Gulati, said, “We are particularly focused on catering to the technology needs of the youth, aligning their internal operations with digital advancements, such as transitioning from 2G to 4G sites and plans to enter the 5G market.

“This customer-centric approach aims to transform our products and services while enhancing overall customer satisfaction.”

According to him, 5G has the potential to enable seamless connectivity, ultra-low latency, and massive device deployment, thereby driving innovation and unlocking new possibilities.

He stressed the importance of collaboration among stakeholders, including telecom operators, policymakers, and industry players, to ensure a seamless and successful transition to 5G.

He noted, “Building a robust 5G infrastructure requires a collective effort. Collaboration among stakeholders is crucial in terms of regulatory frameworks and investments in network infrastructure. By working together, we can create an ecosystem that enables the full potential of 5G to be realised.”

Gulati further stated that the telco is committed to the protection of the data of users on its network. He said one of the firm’s top priorities is the security and privacy of its customers’ data.

In a statement, he stated, “To combat cyber threats, we employ several measures such as conducting real-time attack simulations to identify any potential threats to our mobile network infrastructure.

“These simulations allow us to address vulnerabilities and mitigate risks proactively. Additionally, we provide remediation guidance to tackle existing threats in our network based on their priority levels. We also execute thorough inspection plans to maintain robust security protocols.”

So far, only three telecom companies — MTN Nigeria, Airtel, and Mafab Communications — offer 5G in Nigeria.

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