Apple, on Monday announced the release of their new VR device, the Vision Pro, which will only be available in the United States momentarily and is expected to cost $3,499 (N1.617 million).

THE PUNCH reports that the device which was unveiled by CEO Tim Cook, is being marketed as a revolutionary product that will change the way we view technology. The Vision Pro will focus on gaming, video streaming, and conferencing, and has been in development by Apple for years.

Here are 5 insane new features that are contained in this product:

1. Mac Integration: Put on the headset and control your mac in a full 3D world, absolute game changer for anyone in creative fields. Just open your Mac and put on the headset.

2. Natural Controls: You can literally control the headset with your eyes . Hand and voice controls are also available.

3. Augmented Reality (AR): When you put the headset on you enter a new digital world that transforms your surroundings into a super computer. AI integrations will change how humanity works completely.

4. Spatial Cinema: Enjoy insane movie & sports experiences like you’re sitting in your own private IMAX movie theatre.

5. The First 3-D Camera: Full 3-D camera and replay capabilities have the power to transform how we interact with our memories and content.

Credit || twitter || Mark Gadala-Maria

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