Nigerian singer, Portable’s second baby mama, Keji has taken to social media to express her rage at him for failing to uphold his obligations as the father of their child.

Recall that in January, Portable hinted that there was a problem between him and Keji.

He shared a cryptic post on his Instagram page and urged his male fans and followers to be weary of women while leaking chats of his second baby mama, Keji with another man. Read here.

A few months after, Keji took to her Instagram page to announce that she was back with the singer despite their many differences.

She shared a photo of the Zazoo singer and stated that she would prefer to spend a single minute embracing him than to live a life knowing she can never do so.

In a new update, speaking on TikTok in a live session, she explained how she had repeatedly asked Portable for money to care for their child but had received nothing in return.

Keji confessed that he hasn’t given them any money for their child’s care in four months. She continued by saying that he had taken advantage of her calm and respectful nature.

Portable, who was present during the live session,  found it difficult to remain composed as he was throwing back shades at her.

Amidst her fury, she issued Portable a firm warning to behave himself and mind his own business.

Watch the video below:

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