"She was so inspiring to me" - Top Champion recalls watching Naomi at a WWE Live Event as a fan

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Naomi signed with WWE in 2009 and has been working for the promotion ever since. After spending two years in the WWE developmental territory FCW, Naomi made her main roster debut as part of the Funkadactyls.

However, things changed for the better for Naomi following the WWE Women's Revolution as she finally got an opportunity to showcase her skills as an extraordinarily athletic in-ring competitor.

Naomi soon became a fan favorite and in 2016 finally won the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship. She has been a source of inspiration for countless aspiring stars, including current WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair.

In a recent interview with Alfred Konuwa of Forbes, Bianca Belair recalled attending a WWE Live event and watching Naomi perform. Belair had the following to say about her experience that night and what she took from it:

"When I got older, right before I started in WWE, I went to a live event in Atlanta—I think I was 26—and I saw Naomi in the ring." Belair said. "And I remember just watching her, and because she was in the ring I could see myself in the ring. So she was so inspiring to me and she impacted me in a positive way before I stepped in a ring, even at 26 years old."

Naomi and Bianca Belair might cross paths soon in WWE

Bianca Belair and NaomiBianca Belair and Naomi

According to a recent report, Naomi is moving to WWE SmackDown and could very possibly be a threat to Belair's WWE SmackDown Women's Championship. At the moment, Belair is currently feuding with challengers she has faced before and the SmackDown Women's division could use a star like Naomi.

Belair is set to defend her title against Carmella tonight on WWE SmackDown. The two faced each other last week as well, where the EST of WWE came out on top.

With Naomi possibly heading over to the blue brand, fans have speculated that she might be joining her family to become part of Roman Reigns' faction, the Bloodline. If she is able to dethrone Belair anytime soon, Reigns' family will be holding all the gold there is to win over on WWE SmackDown.

We might see this feud as early as SummerSlam but there is no confirmation as to when Naomi might be making her SmackDown return. Do you think Naomi will win the Women's Championship? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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