How to get a beacon in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock

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Beacons are super helpful in Minecraft. This fact is amplified quite a bit on Hypixel's Skyblock server, where their buffs can be increased through reforging.

Any player that places a beacon on their island will be glad they took the time to reap the benefits.

The materials that players will need to craft their own beacon are as follows:

  • Five blocks of glass.
  • A full stack of Starfall
  • Three full stacks of Enchanted Mithril

Finding these materials can be tricky for new players. Fortunately, each one of them has defined ways to be found and collected in Minecraft.

Finding beacon materials in Minecraft Hypixel Skyblock

Any Minecraft player that places a beacon on their island will be glad they took the time to reap the benefits (Image via Mojang)Any Minecraft player that places a beacon on their island will be glad they took the time to reap the benefits (Image via Mojang)

Mithril and Starfall are trickier to collect compared to glass. Fortunately, Minecraft players have documented all the ways to get most of the materials in Hypixel Skyblock. Additionally, the server's in-game economy can be used to purchase the necessary goodies.

If players wish to buy the necessary Mithril and Starfall from the Bazaar, it would cost them approximately 332,071 coins. This cost doesn't include the glass needed, but it's still a significant price for newer Skyblock players. Beacons can also be found on the Auction House, but their prices can fluctuate.

To begin the construction of a beacon, Minecraft players will need to ensure their Mithril level is at nine or higher, as the recipe will not be available otherwise. Once players have achieved the necessary level, they can begin the material collection. It will take time, but it is far from the most difficult task in Hypixel Skyblock.

The primary way to obtain glass for the beacon is to smelt sand in a furnace. Sand itself is abundant in the Mushroom Desert area for players who are unable to procure enough on their private islands.

However, players may opt to create Pond Islands or Desert Islands via the Raw Fish and Cactus skill trees, respectively. Doing so can provide additional sand for digging on a player's own island.

Since crafting a beacon only requires five pieces of glass, there's no need to mass-produce this block.

Next, Minecraft players will need three stacks of enchanted Mithril to create a beacon. In order to create a piece of enchanted Mithril, players will need to place 160 standard Mithril within their crafting grid. Since it takes the ninth level of Mithril skill to craft a beacon, players will likely be familiar with the recipe for enchanted Mithril.

Obtaining enough Mithril is just a matter of mining it from Mithril veins within the Dwarven Mines. It will take quite a bit of Mithril to make the necessary stacks of enchanted Mithril. This task will be time-consuming unless players supplement their supply from the Bazaar.

Lastly, players will need to obtain Starfall. The material is a tough find but drops from Star Sentries and Treasure Hoarders within the Dwarven Mines.

Star Sentries appear randomly but will drop Starfall upon being hit. Treasure Hoarders will also drop the needed material, but players will need to kill them for it. Treasure Hoarders can be found somewhat regularly in the Upper Mines portion of the map, but players should most certainly expect a fight.

Lastly, players that come into contact with the members of the Cult of the Fallen Star in the Cliffside Veins can also obtain Starfall. They can do so by meeting the members while wearing the Fallen Star Helmet that they provide to the player.

Once Minecraft players have the necessary materials, they simply need to follow the recipe for the beacon and craft it. Getting additional Starfall from the Dwarven Mines may be worth the time and investment, as it will be needed to create Power Crystals at The Forge in order to power the beacon itself.

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