How long are days in Minecraft? Everything players need to know

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In Minecraft, as the player progresses through the world they may notice that there is a day and night cycle in the game. For half of the game, players will see the sun out and the other half, they will see the moon.

The night is the most dangerous part of a Minecraft day. Night is when the most hostile mobs are seen roaming around the world. Mobs such as creepers, spiders, zombies, skeletons, etc are most commonly seen during the night.

The only way for players to get through the night faster is for them to sleep in a bed. Doing this will save the player's spawn point and also allow them to end the night cycle.

During the night, villagers will go into their houses until daytime. Daytime is the longest lasting cycle. This is the time of the day when players will not see many mobs, and they will have an easier time exploring the world.

Players may wonder how long they have in each cycle until it's time for the rotation. In this article, players will learn how long the day & night cycle is in Minecraft.

Day & Night cycle in Minecraft: How long do they last?

How long is the day cycle

Daylight cycle (Image via Minecraft)Daylight cycle (Image via Minecraft)

The day cycle in Minecraft will last for 12,000 game ticks. This will be around 10 minutes in real time. Days start in-game at 6AM, and has a sunset before the transition to the night cycle.

The sunset will last around 5-6 minutes. Players will see the sun slowly start to go down and after 5-6 minutes, the world will transition into the night cycle and the moon will slowly start to rise.

How long is the night cycle

Night Cycle (Image via Minecraft)Night Cycle (Image via Minecraft)

The night cycle in Minecraft lasts 13,000 game ticks. This is about 8 1/3 minutes in real time. This is the time when the mobs will start to appear and the villagers will rush into their huts.

Before the sun completely rises again, players will have a brief sunrise which lasts for 5/6 minutes. They will see the moon slowly start to go down, and the sun will slowly start to rise.

During sunrise, mobs will start to disappear and villagers will come out of their huts. If players decide to sleep the night cycle away, the weather will be set to clear.

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